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How does Reiki Crystal Healing Work? 

Crystals have a unique ability to transport high frequency energy for extended periods of time and  are widely used in computers, ultrasound equipment, watches, and communication devices for this purpose. Combining the use of  stones and crystals with energy medicine techniques has shown to enhance the promotion of relaxation, stress relief and physical/emotional healing. 

Specific stones and matrix combinations can be placed around and on the body that when used in combination with the Reiki Energy and specific breathing techniques, promote balancing and activating of the energy centers and biofields. These techniques work with the physical body as well as the mental/emotional patterns within the body system. 

As Reiki Crystal Healing Practitioners it is our job to be a clear and open channel for the Reiki Energy to flow through the crystal grids and to create and maintain an environment that maximizes the positive effects of combining these modalities into the treatment session.

Crystal Healing is an alternative or complementary energy healing medicine technique or modality that employs gemstones and crystals as healing tools.The practitioner places gemstones or crystals on or around the body. When crystals are placed on the body it is often done in such a manner as to correspond with the chakras and when they are placed around the body it is called either a crystal lay-out, crystal net or crystal grid which is done in an attempt to construct an energy field that surrounds the client enhancing healing energy. The healing is said to remove blockages in the aura or the body's electromagnetic field.

Crystal Healing can be used to improve your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Most crystals are healing stones, they are incredibly versatile and each exerting its energy at a different level and frequency. 

We offer the following types of Reiki Crystal Healing Sessions:

1. Aura Clearing/Strengthening of the Energy Fields- Allow the power of the crystals and the Reiki Energy to clear,clean and strengthen your energy and energy fields. I love this grid.It feels like you are taking an "Energy Bath"

What is the Aura? is a luminous energy body, that surrounds and interpenetrates   every person, alternatively called the electromagnetic field around us. Think of it as your own personal energy field that protects you from harmful outside influences.

This luminous energy body known as the electromagnetic field means it's a living energy body made up of invisible subtle matter or etheric matter. Looking at it another way, all living things (people, plants, animals, etc.) are made up of a complex combination of atoms, molecules and energy cells. As these ingredients coexist, they generate a large magnetic energy field that can be sensed, felt and even seen.

These close-knit electro-magnetic energies of varying densities, that permeate through and emit or exit from the physical body of a living person, are also known as auric layers. Some of these layers follow the body's contours while others form the shape of an oval, which is commonly known as the auric egg. This "auric egg" emits out from the body approximately 60 centimeters (2 feet) to 90 centimeters (3 feet) on all sides. It extends above the head and below the feet into the ground.

These energies make you what and who you are and in turn, are affected by your surroundings and life style. The aura reflects your health, character, mental activity and emotional state. It also shows disease - often long before the onset of symptoms. 

There is a misconception that your aura is always the same and it is just that, a misconception. Your aura changes with emotion, feelings, thoughts, spiritual awareness and even your health, but one colour may remain more prevalent than others.

Most people consider the material world and the physical body to be the only reality that exists, as only these things can be discerned with the physical senses and grasped by the rational mind.

However, physics states that everything is energy and energy is never lost in the universe, it is merely transformed.The power at work behind the body's material appearance with all its functions and capabilities consists of a complex energy system without which the physical body could not exist.

Diseases are caused by the depletion or congestion or blockage of chi, prana or life force energy in this energy system. These abnormalities can be seen in the aura and in a lot of instances they are distinguished by certain colors seen in the different layers of the energy body.

Aura Balancing and Strengthening is a good idea to do from time to time to clear out any negative thought patterns and emotional blocks as well as to set a shield of protection around yourself thereby assisting your body to retain much needed life force energy.

2. Chakra Balancing- These set of techniques help to clean,clear and balance your energy between heaven and earth and also expand and strengthen your major chakra centers. I love how this allows you to feel strong and centered.

What are chakras? Chakras are our energy centers. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. Their function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. 

There are seven Chakras and if you could see them, they would look like wheels of energy continuously rotating all at different speeds.  They are located in the spinal column.  If the Chakras are not balanced properly, physically the energy becomes blocked.  You may feel tired, depressed or simply not yourself.  Emotionally you may have a change in attitude and feel negativity, fear and doubt. 

Let us start by explaining the Chakras:

The First Chakra – this Chakra is called the Root Chakra.  The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine between the tailbone in the back and the pubic bone in front.  This energy represents the connection to the physical body.  Hips, legs, lower back and sexual organs (male).  It is the center that holds our basic needs for survival, secret and safety.  Connecting us to Mother Earth.Spiritually this energy represents the sacred truth, that All Is One or Oneness.

The Second Chakra – this Chakra is called the Sacral Chakra.  It is located two inches below the navel and is rooted to the spine.  This energy function holds the basic needs for sexuality (female), creativity, intuition and self-worth.  This Chakra governs creativity, emotions and friendliness.Spiritually this energy helps the physical ego in place, this energy gives us the desire to create children and bring our creative ideas to physical form.

The Third Chakra – this Chakra is called the Solar Plexus Chakra.  It is located two inches below the breastbone in the center behind the stomach.  This energy functions as the center of personal power, the place of ego, passion, impulses, anger and strength.  It is also the center for astral travel and astral influences, receptivity of spirit guides and for psychic deleveopment.Spiritually this energy represents the sacred truth, to stand up as an individual and honor ones self.

The Fourth Chakra – this Chakra is the Heart Chakra.  It is located behind the breastbone in front of the spine between the shoulder blades.  This energy center is for love, compassion and spiritually.  It directs ones ability to love themselves and others.  To give and receive love.  It is also the Chakra connecting the Body, Mind and Spirit.Spiritually the Heart Chakra energy represents our capacity to let go and let GOD in, the internal union of self and soul.

The Fifth Chakra – this Chakra is the Throat Chakra.  It is located in the V of the collarbone at the lower neck and is the center of communication sounds and expression.  We use the vehicle in thought, speech and writing.This is where anger is stored and needs to finally let go.  When this Chakra is out of balance, you want to hold back feeling, feel timid and weak, and cannot express your thoughts.When this Chakra is balanced or centered, you may feel musically or artistically inspired. Spiritually the Throat Chakra allows you to communicate through Love and Light.

The Sixth Chakra – this Chakra is the Third Eye.  It is located above the physical eyes on the center of the forehead.  This center is for psychic ability, higher intuition, energies of spirit and light.  Through the power of the Sixth Chakra, you can receive guidance, channel and tune into your Higher Self. When this Chakra is not balanced you can be afraid of success and be egotistical. When this Chakra is balanced, you are your own master with no fears. Spiritually the Third Eye Chakra has us achieve wisdom both through life experiences and from Divine wisdom.

The Seventh Chakra – this Chakra is the Crown.  It is located at the top of the scull.  It is the center of spiritually, enlightenment, thought and energy.  It is the center that connects us to GOD and generates devotion.  It allows the flow of wisdom and brings the gift of consciousness.  This Chakra is the silver cord that connects the aura bodies from the crown.Spiritually the soul comes into the body through the crown at birth and leaves from the crown at death.  When the crown Chakra is unbalanced there may be a sense of frustration, no spark of joy and a feeling of destruction.  When balanced this energy has the ability to open up to the Divine and have total access to the unconscious and subconscious.

A constant balance between the Chakras promotes health and a sense of well being.

3.Mental/Emotional Cleansing and Re-patterning Crystal Grid- Due to the intensity of the energy used in this session it is generally done several days to a week after having either an Aura Clearing or Chakra Balancing Session. This is a powerful set of techniques and crystal grids that works to deeply embed positive thoughts/visions and affirmations into your body/mind system.

4.Crystalline Transmutation Chamber-This is a set of grids that clears and releases all energy from your body and energy system of a lower vibration such as: fear, anger, resentment and/or envy etc..etc... This chamber is created from a matrix of extraordinary crystals and gemstones. An energetic pattern is created to help transmute low frequency emotional blueprints. Due to the intensity of this session it is done several days to a week after having an Aura Clearing or Chakra Balancing Session completed.

5. Crystal Trinity Chamber- This crystal grid clears and activates your “Etheric Heart Triad” The ascending heart and sacred heart create a triad via an etheric link with the heart chakra. There is a holographic projection of the link between these three centers held in the subtle energy field. This hologram is known as the etheric heart. Its purpose is to communicate via the language of light between your soul, the Divine Heart and the Divine Mind. Due to the intensity of this session it is done several days to a week after having an Aura Clearing or Chakra Balancing Session completed.

6. Diamond Crystalline Immersion- This is a series of 3 grids placed over and around the body that raises the vibration of your energy field to higher states of consciousness. The purpose of this session is to connect you to your state of peace and enlightenment, also referred to as your "Christ Consciousness".  This session can be done after completing 2 Chakra Balancing sessions.